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Summer blahs…

Thursday, August 16th, 2012

While we’re riding more than ever and seeing more folks than ever why is it I’m still blue about the movement in Dorchester?

Try having to wait for months with no resolution about a length of Dot Ave that was repaved but the Sharrow Arrows never were replaced and no one has an answer? That might be one thing.

How about seeing more folks out on the road, heading the wrong way into traffic, sidewalking, not having a helmet, just wizzing here and there without any regard to automobiles and pedestrians? Sure.

How about Hubway claiming they’re in Dot with one lonely post at South Bay? It wasn’t Dorchester until it got filled and then even then the provenance is iffy. Good luck to Hubway.


Then we see more women of all age and race ranges then ever riding everywhere. Go ladies go!

Then my daughter recruits me to be her guide on her ride to work from Dot to MIT. That’s good!

Everytime I go past Ashmont Cycles there is someone in there and it covers all of Dot. One day there’s the guys in their slinky suits. The next day a young mother getting her kids bmx fixed. Then there’s the older black guy negotiating a repair. Then there’s the yuppy buying the new comuter ride. It never ceases to amaze me. Of course I’ve always said no one has ever gone broke underestimating the buying power and taste of the general Dot public. Sarright!

So, we’ll chock up the city to Same Old Same Old and chill while the rest of summer slips into autumn and the roads thin and my commute gets way faster than any car thanks to the school buses. Then I might really get blue as I do love summer.

Pedal on!