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Winter ennui… Wait! Get riding it’s Spring!

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

With the challenge of a blizzard and an unforcast foot last Friday it’s been quite a challenge to keep riding over the winter. As someone with a bit of an addictive personality, I’m not ashamed to admit my addiction to riding a bike for transportation in the city. The recent snow has only made me more so.

I only took the T last Friday and our office was closed. I rationalized the trip since I stopped at Down Town Crossing and shopped out the soon to close Windsor Button Shop for upcoming family birthdays. It would have been quite a challenge for the Dahon on Friday from what I saw.

Thursday however was another matter. I was toying with the idea of driving that morning in fact when the snow suddenly eased up a bit and I realized it would be fun to ride through a snowy Franklin Park. Since there was the Franklin Park maintenance meeting later that day, I also wanted to drive home the point that there were riders in the Park ALL THE TIME. So off I set…

By the time I got to Ashmont Street at All Saints Church I was wearing a big smile. Ashmont St. was backed up over the hill to the east. Dorchester Avenue was completely filled with cars that were NOT moving an inch. Me, with a 20 pound box on my back thanks to an IKEA bag steadily made my way up the Avenue laughing all the way. Of course these roads were packed due to the ‘wicked’ high tides closing Morrissey Blvd.

The P.O. was empty and relieved of my package off we went up Washington Street. It backed up from Four Corners to Columbia Road and I just labored along in the slush passing all vehicles, still with a smile.

Of course getting to the Park made the entire exercise worth it as it was very pleasant heading over Pierpont with no cars and just movie-effect snow flakes. We rode back to the meeting that evening and toured the Park for down limbs and unplowed paths (they’ve given up on Glen Road btw… Call the Park line and complain please).

Now that daylight savings is with us, it’s time for everyone else to get riding. While we saw a lot more folks out this winter than even last the momentum that was building has fallen off. The one day every week or two when I would end up rallying up Washington Street with a rider or two hasn’t happened since October. Outside of the super regulars and the sidewalkers, we haven’t seen¬†many new¬†faces. C’mon! It’s faster, healthier and at times fun! Every mile you ride is a mile you’re car doesn’t drive or someone you don’t have to jostle with on the T.

So Pedal on folks!