Time to turn up the heat on new administration (Dotriderblog’s rant)

So the overall bike and pedestrian movement is all up in arms thanks to the lousy job done by city planners on the stretch of Comm Ave in front of BU. The City did a cozy deal with BU and left everyone’s comments in the trash bin. We get a wider T thanks to Fed regulations and more turn lanes too. Less pedestrian and bike accommodations are the result.

That resulted in this from Dot riders: http://www.bostonglobe.com/opinion/editorials/2014/08/06/mayor-must-lead-promoting-transportation-alternatives/RaZOk7VKFpuKosrro2OVfI/story.html

Hello Mayor Walsh? Nobody home? It’s time to wake up on this issue. It’s time to tell your man Gilloughly to wake up and realize it’s the second decade of the 21st Century, not 1975.

Boston Bikes has agreed to meet with Dot Bike and Boston Cyclists Union to discuss. Haven’t we done this before? Isn’t there a plan? Whatever happened to it. I guess it’s in the Mayor’s wash room as tissue paper. I recall no less than THREE meetings where we marked up maps of town with our dreams. Well none of that has changed.

What has changed is Washington Street (one in Dot and the other in JP from Egleston to Forest Hills) were paved w/o any bike paint anywhere. So was Geneva Ave. So was Warren Street. So was Gallivan Blvd. Last year we saw Mass Ave from Everett Square to South Bay get paved and painted. What’s new? Two turn lanes under the bridge. Thanks for nothing. We can go on, but only when we think of a street that has been paved. I’m sure the City has a nice list of them. We talked about that last time in moaning about the low hanging fruit theory that seems to have been long forgotten.

Hey whoever got the Mayor to say he would go for a ride with them, should pick up on that. Then we can show him all these places where his planners fell asleep. He can see for himself the benefits of riding around town. I’m ready. Anyone else? C’mon Mayor reach out and join us.

Well dotriderblog is feeling fired up. He is recalling the fire that lit a flame way back 20 years ago when the newly elected Mayor originally demurred to his infamously stubborn Public Works Director, Joe Cassazza. Joe brazenly told a City Council hearing he was going to wait 240 days to start a full scale curbside recycling program instead of the 60 days in the Mayor’s campaign promise. He suggested the heat from us advocates would be less than from the folks complaining that he did a lousy job. My reaction to others asking what we should do? “Turn up the heat!” was my response. A month and nearly 10,000 signatures later the phone rang with the Mayor’s Chief of Staff on the other end asking us to meet and learn of his plans to institute a full scale recycling program in 90 days….

Having to explain the same needs over and over again remind me of the time the Flynn Administration tried to Coop me into being the volunteer Block Captain Coordinator for Dorchester’s new bi-weekly newspaper recycling program. Once I realized there are 750 streets in Dorchester, I figured it was the City’s job. No more being coopted here.

We will begin by relaying any piece we see chronicalling the health and economic benefits of installing bike infrastructure will be heading your way. We’ll be pasting things everywhere in an effort to get you see that your dedication to improving the economic situation of us residents in the neighborhoods REQUIRES you to invest as heavily as possible in the best bike and pedestrian infrastructure possible.

So Mayor? We’re looking for the knob. Unbutton that collar and loosen your tie. It may be mid-August but it’s about to get hotter not more autumn-like.

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