Dotrider is a long-time community activist from Dorchester. He’s worked on crime watch groups, civic associations, recycling, Main Street, anti-grafitti patrols, local gardens and park advocacy as well as bicycling. With 25 years of community service in Dorchester Dotrider has learned that his neighborhood is typcially underserved by City Hall. Bicycling just happens to be another area where that is so.

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  1. GostRider says:

    Hello DotRider, Thank you for sharing your riders comment with us. I would like to ask to stop judging people without helmet on your Fliker photos. I believe that helmet is a joke but I do wear my helmet everyday as a hat and not to get a fine as the police think it’s fun to give us tickets. Did you know that the bike helmet will not be useful in case of a high speed accident (we are talking of a car going 60km/h and +). The helmet is design for low impact hit (a self fall or a MTB accident) If we were wearing helmet that really protected us from cars, we would have to wear uncomfortable motorcycle full coverage helmet. Now that would be inconvenient to look around and monitor cars in our surrounding. Plus, if you would be wearing a helmet in Europe, were there is more people that cycle yet less accident, you would be ridiculous. What we need is a better structure to protect everyone and better drivers in cars and trucks.

    Helmet are an object to make motorize people relax… and any how, I have notice that a cyclist with a helmet get approach faster and closer by a driving vehicle than a cyclist without a helmet.

    Please stop point fingers to does that chosen not to wear a helmet, it’s so childish.

  2. dotriderblog says:

    Gostrider…If you read my posts at one time I generally tried to defend not wearing a helmet in a jocular way. Then I just started counting them on my flickr site as a tool since I wanted to have an idea of what percentage of folks wear helmets or not. I don’t always wear a helmet and the one I do wear probably wouldn’t be effective since it is almost 30 years old. When I’m on vacation I NEVER where a helmet either. So I hear you. Helmets in most venues are a canard. They actually lead to more injuries in hockey and football if you look at the statistics. The same could be argued of skiing as last winter three folks died on the slopes in New England and they were all wearing helmets. That said, I relented on the constant reminders from bike officials to wear helmets when I read one study about helmet use. While the odds of getting hurt are marginally reduced while wearing a helmet the odds of being KILLED are SIGNIFCANTLY reduced while wearing one… For me that ended the argument. I didn’t go out and buy a new helmet and start wearing them on vacation, but I stopped arguing against them… If you want the study I think I could dig it out. Thanks for the comment and please don’t take my style as a judgement… Thanks! dotriderblog.

  3. Molly Quinlan says:

    Dear Dotrider,

    I am attempting to recruit bikers for Beyond the Bike 2011. The event marks the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, when co-founder Susan Retik’s husband was killed on the first plane to hit the World Trade Center. Beyond the Bike is a signature fundraising event for Beyond the 11th, a foundation dedicated to enabling the widows of Afghanistan to lift themselves out of poverty and oppression by teaching them entrepreneurial skills. Would you please consider writing a post on this event on your blog? Further information on Beyond the Bike and Beyond the 11th can be found at http://www.beyondthebike.kintera.org, http://www.beyondthe11th.org, and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6yScfIQIGk.

    Thank you for your time,

  4. Tom says:

    Hey Dotrider,

    After 12 years of driving from Charlestown to a suffocating corporate job out in the suburbs, I recently landed a job in Boston’s “Innovation District” (Fort Point) with a small start up.

    Just before I started, I bought a Trek Belleville and have been biking back and forth to work each day – mostly along Rose Kennedy parkway and by waterfront.

    What used to be the worst part of my day – an hour or more stuck in traffic looking at red brake lights has now become the favorite part – cruising through best parts of the city – a relaxing 20 minute commute.

    I really get your comment, “It’s not how fast you go, it how less you go zero.”


  5. Jacob says:


    I’m on a team of college students at Olin College in Needham taking a conceptual design course. We are focusing on a user group of winter bike commuters. Would you be willing to chat about your winter biking experiences with us?


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