Uh oh! Bike share an international plot?

David Bernstein posted this link to his blog on facebook today… http://thephoenix.com/BLOGS/talkingpolitics/archive/2010/08/04/menino-s-evil-bike-plan.aspx  which was really inspired by this link.. http://www.denverpost.com/election2010/ci_15673894  that reports the Republican candidate for governor of Colorado is indicating bike share is part of a United Nations plot to end the American Way…I guess that would explain everything, the lack of process, the bull headed push despite increasingly longer odds with each turn, the ignoring of local advocates plaints etc. as the Mayor and Nicole Freedman vainly pursue a Bike Share program. Sadly, having a right wing Republican insisting bike share is a UN Plot might actually convince me to be for it… Why didn’t Nicole just say so from the beginning? Well, probably because it’s a bunch of baloney… just like the bike share plan itself. On the anti-front we’re considering contacting City Councilors to insist on a public hearing. Any thoughts on that? I’m sure we can get a couple of our esteemed councilors to support that idea.

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  1. Curly Suze says:

    Clearly, it’s time to convene the House Un-American Activities Committee again. With help from the right highly-paid industry lobbyists, they’ll quickly get to the heart of this commie plot to reduce the SUV transport mode share here.

    (sorry, Dotriderblg, could not resist)

  2. dotriderblog says:

    Loved it! Thanks Curly Suze. I can tell we’re soul mates in the political humor arena for sure.

  3. Curly Suze says:

    C’mon, man, let’s have some faith in the way our political system works! Why, if we could convene a group of lobbyists from BP, Shell, GM, Ford, Exxon, Chrysler, Sunoco, etc, and have them draft some legislation for the HUAC to rubber-stamp (thus ensuring their next paid vacations in the Cayman Islands, or some other trinkets-of-appreciation for the easily-misled) then they (I mean, we the people!) could get to the bottom of this foreign-led Communist plot to deprive Amurikan consumers of their vehicle choices.

    /end facetiousness

    With the vacation time accumulating, I decided it was time to take a nice Friday off and do a little local riding. I’m not far off the Nashua River Rail Trail, which is a largely-flat trail good for low-impact longer-duration pedaling exercise. Oddly enough, it seems to be the most dangerous place where I ride, even more dangerous than the surface roads shared with cars and trucks and with no bike lanes. Two things seem to be wrong with the rail trails:

    They’re not wide enough. As the Dutch have learned, 2.5 meters width is the minimum for a good 2-way bicycle road. There are also no lines for them who can’t judge how much space their group of 3-abreast is taking up.

    There’s seemingly no rider education here, with the sad result that many riders seem eerily clueless about the meaning of “passing on the left” when called out from behind by the overtaking cyclist(s). Some riders will come to a total stop in the path, often blocking the path entirely, from the confusion of trying to interpret this 4-word phrase. Some will swerve all over the full width of the trail in sheer panic. Some will simply crash into each other.

    It’s sometimes a horror show on the converted rail trails, and already I feel safer riding among the automobiles, the drivers of which have been mostly quite polite so far. I did take the precaution of installing a much louder bell on the bicycle for better safety when on the rail trails.

  4. Curly Suze says:

    Oops, the tags in that post got disappeared. Under the phrase “vehicle choice” at the end of the first paragraph, I meant to insert this link:

    Gladwell: big and bad

    There was an auto-industry led (or -fed) group called Coalition for Vehicle Choice, but they seem to have disappeared. Their website was a hoot. They basically took the same approach that the NRA uses with firearms (ie, “America’s still a dangerous frontier, full of grizzlies and outlaws, so you’d better carry a loaded pistol in the shower so you can get them before they get you!” or some such) and adapted it to saying everyone’s got the “right” to own a device that guzzles fossil fuels, pollutes the air and water, increases international instability (see the ongoing Crusades XXI [lost count, sorry] in the Holy Lands), helps make the landscape less hospitable to them who’ve opted out of owning the same kind of machine, vastly increases the national death/injury rate, and so on.

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